Sunday, 22 June 2008

Singing in the rain!!!

Even appalling weather could not dampen the spirit of celebration as we celebrated Jaanipaev and the 52nd anniversary of the opening of the Eesti Kodu Club. A packed concert programme produced by Tiiu Alliste kicked the evening off splendidly. The ladies choir performed, and there were solo and ensemble performances of a very high standard. The show stealer however was Kristian Edwards, who performed a fantastic vocal number in Estonian, accompanied on the keyboard by his brother Alexander.

There was a traditional Estonian buffet table provided by the ladies circle and a barbecue outside. Even though the weather was worsening as the evening went on, Toomas Ojasoo was steadfast in his quest to light a bonfire as per the tradition for this day. With help from volounteers young and old, he was successful and the fire burned well into Sunday PM!!!!

A good time was had by young and those who are only young at heart, as traditional folk numbers were played around the house and gardens by our visiting musicians.

The many visitors from outside Bradford were surprised and impressed by the new decor in the house and the way that the hall has been transformed, and even though the weather curtailed activities somewhat, it was still a very memorable occasion!

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