Sunday, 22 June 2008

Singing in the rain!!!

Even appalling weather could not dampen the spirit of celebration as we celebrated Jaanipaev and the 52nd anniversary of the opening of the Eesti Kodu Club. A packed concert programme produced by Tiiu Alliste kicked the evening off splendidly. The ladies choir performed, and there were solo and ensemble performances of a very high standard. The show stealer however was Kristian Edwards, who performed a fantastic vocal number in Estonian, accompanied on the keyboard by his brother Alexander.

There was a traditional Estonian buffet table provided by the ladies circle and a barbecue outside. Even though the weather was worsening as the evening went on, Toomas Ojasoo was steadfast in his quest to light a bonfire as per the tradition for this day. With help from volounteers young and old, he was successful and the fire burned well into Sunday PM!!!!

A good time was had by young and those who are only young at heart, as traditional folk numbers were played around the house and gardens by our visiting musicians.

The many visitors from outside Bradford were surprised and impressed by the new decor in the house and the way that the hall has been transformed, and even though the weather curtailed activities somewhat, it was still a very memorable occasion!

Friday, 20 June 2008

Four Estonian musicians will be providing the music at Bradford, Eesti Kodu on Saturday June 21st. Eddi Leet, Ulle Jantson, Asso Int and Siim Rikker will be playing Estonian Folk Music for all to enjoy!!!!

Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Stop Press........New Beer On sale

From Monday 16th June The Bradford Eesti Kodu Club bar will be carrying stock of Saku Kuld, the premium Estonian Beer. It will sell priced £2 per500ml bottle, or you can buy it for £40 per case. This beer is perfect for these long hot summer nights that we are expecting!!!

Monday, 16 June 2008

June 21st - 5 days to go!!!!

There are only five days to our massive Club anniversary / Jaanipaev celebrations, and the club is almost ready!!! Following from the Hall renovation in January, the club entrance will also be fully redecorated in time for Saturday's occasion. Outside the club, the stage and smokers shelter are nearing completion for our celebration programme on June 21st. There is a Church service at 3pm in the hall, followed by a concert programme devised by Tiiu Alliste, and including singing from the Ladies Choir.
Later in the evening there will be a music from A Folk quartet from South Estonia, and Adrian Blakeley. Throughout the day the bar will be open and visitors are asked to support the club by taking part in the Lottery stall,buying food from the Barbecue and making a small donation when asked to, to support the club's activities.
Of course there will be community singing and a bonfire as well as a general friendly atmosphere.

For more details contact

Saturday, 7 June 2008

Bradford Eesti Kodu AGM

On Saturday May 31st, at Bradford Eesti Kodu, the Annual General Meeting took place.

Vello Vahter was re-elected as Chairman

Following the very sad passing of Mrs Eva Tendal, Klaus Ratnik was elected club secretary.

Klaus was replaced as a Trustee by Paul Ratnik.

The Committee is as last year with the exception of David Ratnik replacing John Ratnik.

Klubi Aastapaev 21 Juunil / Website relaunch

The Club anniversary and mid summer event takes place this year on Saturday June 21st. the first part of the event is a Church service starting at 3PM, followed by a concert at 4PM.

In the evening there will be a traditional bonfire and a quartet of Musicians from Estonia who will be providing us with traditional Estonian folk music and entertainment. There will also be community singing and a barbeque. There will also be a raffle. All are welcome and there is no need to purchase a ticket for the event. For further information contact the club on 01274 544221 or

Our web address is now

The website includes photographs of the history of the Eesti Kodu Club. If you would like to contribute any articles or photos to this blog, please contact

Thursday, 10 April 2008

First Post

The Eesti Kodu is the home for Estonians in Bradford, West Yorkshire. It was established 52 years ago as a social and cultural centre for the many migrant Estonians who came to Bradford and the North of England. Now the Estonian house bar is open on Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday lunchtimes as well as Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday evenings.

Estonian Cultural events and holidays are marked at the club by concerts and Church services. These include: Mother's Day, Estonian independance day, St John's day and celebrations by former Estonian Airmen and soldiers.

Most of our Estonian members came to the UK in the 1940's and 1950's, however, new Estonian arrivals are welcome to visit our club and apply for membership.

The club has close links with The Estonian Embassy in London, IEU ( Association of Estonians in Britain) and Tulevik.

We welcome all visitors to our club, particularly those visiting the UK from Estonia, or those who have recently relocated to the UK from Estonia.

Please contact the Club by telephone on 01274 544221 or by post to:

Eesti Kodu Club
8 Clifton Villas
West Yorkshire